Water & Wastewater

CITI specializes in Water and Wastewater projects, which make up the majority of our provided services. Our dedicated staff has decades of experience in the design of these systems and has programmed and installed controls for all facets of water/wastewater treatment, distribution, and collection. This includes VFD Pump Control, Automated Filtration, Aeration Basin Management, Sewer Lift Station Automation, Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring, Clarification System Control, and more! Citywide wireless telemetry systems have been developed to give municipalities control over all of their plants from any location in the city.

Radio & Telemetry

CITI is well versed in providing solutions for challenging, long-range communication with a focus on network architectures with integrated redundancy. We provide site surveys, design consultation and fabrication of communications solutions utilizing radio, microwave and cellular telecommunications. When geographically challenging terrain demands more of you and your facilities, CITI is there to ensure that your data makes it to its destination safely.


Providing scalable plant efficiency tuning tools, CITI offers range of sophisticated tools optimizing power and chemical utilization, driving down operations expenses and production costs. CITI has developed technologies for high and low power energy monitoring, allowing operators and managers to make informed decisions about plant efficiency.


Maximizing uptime and ensuring reliable quality assurance across your plant is essential for ensuring a continuous supply of products.  CITI has assisted a number of industries with industrial-grade automation redundancy and batch monitoring solutions to prevent unforeseen manufacturing interruptions with a wide variety of customers. Among the dozens of our customers in the manufacturing sector, our recent partners in Paint Film production, Fiber Optic Cable manufacturing, and Hazardous Waste Handling industries know and trust CITI’s systems integration solutions.


Food processing and agricultural industries rely on CITI to provide them with product/inventory monitoring and batch control solutions. In addition to delivering explosion-proof sensing solutions for the storage of volatile foodstuffs, we have designed and delivered controls for monitoring the status of those materials, including current material quantities, estimated reorder dates, and automatic alerts sent by Email and SMS directly to the customer’s on-duty operations team responsible for overseeing their daily operations.

Security and Monitoring

Information security is a primary concern for our clients. CITI’s focus on protecting critical systems, while still making information accessible to multiple levels of personnel is one of our primary services. Not only are we capable of delivering a digitally secure system that exceeds industry standards, we’ll make sure to design a system architecture that removes all headaches when it comes to ensuring that crucial information is shared only with appropriate users.